Plant caring even if you are not a green-thumbed person

The Design Process

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Plant caring can be difficult for some people. So, how can we help them, inspire people to have plants and make it a fun hobby?  (This is a that started on my Interaction Design post-graduate course and I took it further as personal project)

  • Know the problem
  • Online form
  • Interviews
  • Empathy map
  • Personas creation
  • User flow
  • Hand sketches
  • Prototyping
  • User test
  • Code
  • Post-implementation follow up


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First things first. I saw that most of people have some difficulties when plant caring, also this is a personal struggle. But, to confirm the hipotesis that people like to have plants but have some struggles with it, I run some discovery proccesses such as online forms, personas, empathy maps, user flows etc. You can check it below. :)

With the empathy map, I mapped some possibilities about pains and user behaviours on the plant caring. This gave me some hipotesis and doubts that I have to validate with people. For the form, I choose the online form, so I could have a wider range, I posted the link on slack groups to collect the answers. I got over 140 answers and with the data I started to see a pattern on the difficulties and the alternatives people use to resolve it. Also it helped me to validate and invalidate some of my hipotesis.

This first part is in portuguese, since I started this project on my post-graduation course, and also I distribuited the form on brazilian groups


Once I got the data and information, I created 2 personas to focus on. Violet, the green-thumbed one and Saffron, the plant killer.

Sketches and user flows

Then I started to draw some possibilities, and sketche the user flows. So I could see more clearly all the steps the user will need to do and how I could make it easy for it.

I had some directions of "must have", like: A page to see all the plants the user have, add plant, have a wiki to search about other plants, a page with the added plant data, reminders and notifications. Also I though about some "nice to have", like a gamification part.